The Will to Survive: Defense Mechanisms Essay

The Will to Survive: Defense Mechanisms Essay

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The Will to Survive: Defense Mechanisms
Ever since the beginning of time human beings have emphasized the need to survive as a species, especially during the ages without modern medicine or the type of technology and lifestyles that bring comfort to those living in today’s world. People have struggled throughout centuries of being inhabitants on this planet in order to add and continue the longevity of human kind. While much of this survivalist mentality has dissipated from cultures around the globe, especially in western civilizations, there are still many people fighting to hold onto their lives on a daily basis. Although numerous regions around the world have been subjected to extreme conditions, Middle Eastern countries, specifically Afghanistan, have experienced this kind of turmoil for generations leading all the way to present day living. This “Turmoil” can range anywhere from unrest in the nation’s government or the mistreatment of its citizens, to the ever prevalent warfare that has continued to bury many, young and old alike, in graves not truly meant for them. All those who live in countries similar to Afghanistan face risks, but nothing as great as the terror that a certain, belittled demographic faces nearly every day in the wild atmosphere of the eastern hemisphere. Due to the traumatic, life changing events commonly depicted throughout Khaled Hosseini’s, A Thousand Splendid Suns, many people, especially women, are forced to deploy a number of different defense mechanisms in order to survive living in the harsh, Middle Eastern culture.
Traumatic Events can have many adverse effects on different people and in extreme cases can greatly impact the victim’s life, causing a multitude of res...

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