Will They Ever Trust Us Again? Essay

Will They Ever Trust Us Again? Essay

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“Will they ever trust us again?” – Michael Moore- 2004

I choose this book because in the book we learned about how one mother struggle to cope with the death of her son. Her son was killed while on duty serving for our country.

This book consists of numerous letters’ soldier’s send to their families while they were on duty. The book focuses on what the soldier’s are struggling with and their experience experiences. It also focuses on how their families at home are dealing with them not being home. In one case a mother lost her son she was furious. In another case a mother got her daughter at home but she wasn’t the same emotionally, physically and mentally. The hardship the soldiers face once they return home is endless.

This will be used in my research to help me discuss the emotional effects on the families. Also how they deal with the lost of their love ones.

“A Journal for Jordan”- Dana Canedy-2008

I choose this book because of it collection of incredible stories on how families overcome the tragedy of losing their love ones. This book is full with heart touching story that will give you an insight on how these families lives changed as a result of them losing their love ones.

Dana Canedy has been a journalist for the past twelve years; she works at the New York Times where she is a senior editor. This book consists of the journals or stories if you want to call it that of First Sergeant Charles Monroe King to his son. This book is a guide for his son just in case he doesn’t make it back home form the Iraq war. He consoles his son on everything that may be happening in is son’s life from socially, to emotionally. Charles unfortunately died but he didn’t die while on duty he died while at home for a week’s break. ...

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...acrifice everything they had just to care for the wounded soldiers of the war and to also how they save the lives of many people.

Evelyn M. and Rosemary G. both served in the armed forces. Evelyn served in the Womens Army Corp from 1961 until 1967. While Rosemary served in the U.S. Navy Nurse Corps from 1962 until 1965.


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