Will the Implementation of Obamacare Hurt the Nationn's Economy? Essay

Will the Implementation of Obamacare Hurt the Nationn's Economy? Essay

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Will the Implementation of “Obamacare” Hurt the Nation’s Economy?
“President Obama made this telling claim about his signature health-care law: Americans are “Going to the able to sign up for affordable, quality health insurance at a significantly cheaper rate than what they can get right now in the individual market.” (Roy p.1) Since President Obama introduced the legislation bill of the Affordable Care Act, there has been mixed feelings, as a nation, on how it can possibly affect their lives, but more importantly, the economy that is already in chaos. It is interesting to see that even though the nation as a whole is not in favor of the Affordable Care Act, the population will still be in favor of what the Democratic party proposes for health care reform more than the Republican party They show little to no interest in health care reform. Socializing health care in the United States can have its positive and negatives depending on how they are implementing it. The way the Affordable Care Act is written at the moment will not only hurt the patient, by making them wait even longer for care and forcing them to buy health care, but it will also hurt the economy by making the nation dependent on the government and their services. The United States has been going through an economic crisis for a while now and it is evident that health care reform is one of the top issues that this country is currently facing. “The unsustainability of Medicare. The number of uninsured. The rising costs. The uneven quality. Health-care reform is the biggest domestic issue of this year because people are anxious.” (Gratzer p. 28) It is clear that one of the main reasons that so many Americans are uninsured is because of the rising costs of health care, ...

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...for our country and which one would improve our economy as well as providing the best health care for our citizens since the birth of our nation. “Yes, there are too many uninsured Americans, but insurance reform that would eventually see tens of millions of Americans shifted to a public program is not the answer. Yes costs are rising, but rationing by bureaucracy is not the answer. Yes, more choices are needed, but a rigidly regulated health-insurance exchange designed to change everyone’s plans is not the answer.” (Gratzer p.30) Although this issue is urgent, it is best not to rush it because it can have greater unforeseen consequences, especially for the economy that is already in distress. Hopefully there will soon be a resolution that can be in agreement for both political parties of the United States so that they can work together and help rebuild this nation.

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