Will Americans Help Pay for College? Essay

Will Americans Help Pay for College? Essay

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Imagine a brilliant high school child named Michael who has a high GPA and is enrolled in the honors and AP curriculum; he precipitates in multitudes of extracurricular activities including sports and clubs. He gets accepted to many schools and received many scholarships. However, even with financial aid, he and his family are economically deprived and therefore incapable in funding a college education. This scenario is not an imagination but a common event in modern day America. Fifty percent of eighteen to twenty-five year old adults who did not attend a higher education institution experienced a similar situation (Why). These people belong in a university, an establishment whose nature is to judge base on the intelligence not on the wealth of an individual.
The struggle is not forgotten by the average American; sixty-two percent of which agree that most students are not able to afford a decent education (Most). This is a concern on the smaller scale because these individuals will mature to experience a world even worse than their parents. The average high school graduate makes about a thousand dollars less annually today adjusted to inflation then in the year 2000 (Employment, Work; Employment Projections). This trend continues as the need for unskilled and uneducated continues to drop due to the increase in technology that can replace factory and farm hands. It is a problem on the larger scale because American society has lost potential doctors, teachers, and engineers. These people could have cured cancer, written great novels, or solved food shortages across the world. These jobs are in great demand and pay heavily (Employment). Therefore, one can end generations of poverty and misfortune by going to college. David Zimm...

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