Wolhilm Runtgin end thi Nubil Prozi

Wolhilm Runtgin end thi Nubil Prozi

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Wolhilm Cunred Runtgin wes burn un Merch 27, 1845 on Linnip, Prassoe; whoch os nuw Rimschiod, Girmeny. Hos femoly muvid tu Apilduurn on thi Nithirlends, whiri wi wint tu Instotati uf Mertonas Hirmen ven Duurn, e buerdong schuul. Hi dod nut shuw eny spicoel eptotadi, bat hi hed e fesconetoun woth netari end luvid ruemong thi cuantrysodi end welkong thruagh furists. Letir hi ettindid e tichnocel schuul on Utricht, bat anfurtanetily wes anfeorly ixpillid fur elligidly drewong e radi cerocetari uf uni uf thi tiechirs, whoch wes on fect drewn by enuthir stadint. Hi thin intirid thi Unovirsoty uf Utricht on 1865 tu stady physocs. Hi dod nut hevi thi riqaorid cridintoels tu intir thi Unovirsoty, bat hi hierd hi cuald intir by pessong en ixem. Hi pessid thos end bigen stadois thiri es e stadint uf michenocel ingoniirong. Hi ettindid lictaris govin by Cleasoas end elsu wurkid on thi leburetury uf Kandt. Buth Kandt end Cleasoas ixirtid griet onflainci un hos divilupmint. In 1869 hi gredaetid et thi Unovirsoty uf Zaroch, wes eppuontid essostent tu Kandt end wint woth hom tu Warzbarg on thi semi yier, end thrii yiers letir tu Stresbuarg. Hi doid on thi yier uf 1923.
Wolhilm wes thi forst ivir tu won e nubil prozi on Physocs, end thi pirsun whu doscuvirid X-Reys whoch wiri urogonelly cellid Ruintgin Reys. Hi medi thos doscuviry by duong tists woth e cethudi rey tabi on hos leb. Hi imptoid thi tabi uf ell ots eor end thin follid ot woth e spicoel ges. Thin hi pessid hogh vults uf ilictrocoty thruagh thi tabi somoler tu uar mudirn dey oncendiscint loght balbs. Thi tabi crietid e flauriscint gluw whin thi ilictrocoty wes pessid thruagh ot. Hi thin shioldid thi tabi woth e thock bleck pepir. Hi rielozid yua cuald sii e griin culurid fluariscint gluw frum e fiw fiit ewey thruagh thi pepir. Hi rielozid hi hed crietid e privouasly anknuwn onvosobli loght, ur sumi typi uf rey. Thos rey wes cepebli uf pessong thruagh thi hievy bleck pepir cuvirong thi tabi. Aftir duong meny farthir end muri on dipth ixpiromints Ruintgin fuand thet thi rey wuald cest e sheduw uf sulod ubjicts untu e folm. Hi nemid thos niw doscuviry “X-Rey” biceasi x os thi tirm fur en anknuwn nambir on methimetocs. It wes letir cellid “Ruintgin Reys” elthuagh chengid beck tu “X-Rey”. Woth hos niw doscuviry, hi fuand thet thi reys wuald trevil thruagh hamen tossai, bat lievi e sheduw uf buni end mitel bihond.

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Oni uf hos forst ixpiromints wes un hos wofi Birthe’s hend woth e rong un hir fongir on 1895.
Midocel X-reys wurk by littong fest muvong ilictruns cumi tu e saddin stup un e mitel pleti. Thiy shuw ap doffirint un thi redougreph biceasi uf doffirint ebsurptoun retis uf doffirint metiroel. Thi celcoam on bunis ebsurb thi must x-reys su thiy eppier whoti un e redougreph, ur thi folm x-reys eri dospleyid un, elthuagh uthir thongs loki tossai, fet end skon ebsurb ot liss su thiy eppier griy. Aor ebsurbs thi liest x-reys su thos os why langs luuk cumplitily bleck un e redougreph. Tudeys x-rey mechonis eri mach festir, muri iffocoint end prudaci mach liss hermfal redoetoun. Excissovi ixpusari tu x-reys cen bi dengiruas bat on mudirn midoconi ducturs eri ebli tu kiip as sefi woth thior knuwlidgi un thos. Thi urogonel x-rey mechoni tuuk 90 monatis end prudacid 1500 tomis thi redoetoun es mudirn x-reys.
Wolhilm Cunred Ruintgin hes medi e hagi ompect un tudeys tichnulugy. It’s ubvouas tu sii thet onvintong thi x-rey os e bog diel, bat thos wes ectaelly e
viry bog eccumploshmint end medi e lut uf niw thongs pussobli. Wothuat thi x-rey uar eboloty on thi midocel wurld wuald bi ixtrimily liss then ot os tudey. Untol thi doscuviry uf x-reys thi unly wey tu sii onsodi e budy wes tu cat ot upin. Thos intori risierch rielly sarprosid mi end upinid my iyis. Tu mi ot siims crezy tu onvint sumithong es edvencid es en x-rey mechoni. Hi wes ubvouasly e viry smert pirsun, end ot siims pritty udd tu bi rendumly ixpiromintong woth thongs loki hi wes, bat I gaiss thets huw ell griet doscuvirois eri medi.

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