Wilderness, Solitude And God Essay

Wilderness, Solitude And God Essay

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What time spent in the wilderness can reveal of God.

Imagine this scenario: You sit down in your home to do some much needed praying and reflection on yourself and God. In these initial moments, it does not take long to notice the metronome over your head in the form of a ceiling fan, with it’s steadily ticking chain setting a solid tempo. Tick, tick, tick, tick. In the distance, you now notice the low baritone voice of humming tires on the highway providing a bass line. The neighbor 's basset hounds unremitting barking provide a nice solid drum beat. The background singer, the local ambulance, joins in ever so softly. At first, the pitch is barely noticeable, but then its braying sirens seem to crescendo and decrescendo slowly getting louder and more dramatic with each bar, or rather each block passed. Just as it reaches your dwelling, the star of the show, the infamous soprano train enters and belts out the main chorus in a show stopping dramatic climax. Before you know it, you’ve forgotten what it was you were doing prior to this extravagant urban symphonic performance distracting you. How is one to concentrate on anything, much less prayer life in our hectic and overtly noisy lives? Is there a method or mode available to us? Or do I have to spend and arm and a leg attempting to soundproof my house?
Indeed there is a method and mode and its usually just a short distance from our urban centers. This miracle relief and cure- all for our much neglected souls is known to us as the Wilderness. Wilderness, facilitates solitude which plays an important role in acquiring knowledge of God. The Wilderness offers us a quiet, natural environment that is conducive to solitude in which we a...

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...fficient working ecosystems in God’s creation.
When we begin to acknowledge that man pales in comparison to God and his creation, we are then able to notice and experience things like never before. We have a sort of spiritual environmental epiphany when we are in wilderness alone. An environment epiphany is “an experience in which one’s perception of the essential meaning of his/her relationship to nature shifts in a meaningful manner.” How is it that we can be miles from the ocean but sitting in the shade of a towering cottonwood tree, and when we close our eyes, the sound of its quivering vertical flat petiole leaves in the wind trick us into believing we are hearing ocean waves? Its one of God’s gifts that too often eludes us. In the wilderness, our senses become heightened and we begin to realize God 's greatness without humans creations clouding our vision.

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