The Wilderness Of The Yellowstone National Park Essay

The Wilderness Of The Yellowstone National Park Essay

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From the mighty mountains, waterfalls and forests that cover our country, the energy that has gone into preserving these earth-given gifts alive is extensive. The environments created by thousands of years of natural progression have within themselves kept a piece of the world to themselves. Beginning in 1872 with the Yellowstone National Park located in the previously known territories of Montana, people began to protect these places, placing them within national parks boundaries. Since then, national parks have appeared across the country from “sea to shining sea”. With the creation of fifty-nine of national parks to date, people across the country travel to visit these sites where nature has been left alone to be as it was before human civilization began expanding throughout the country. In the current society that our land has to endure, people have been slowly intruding upon the protected lands in forms of mining, pollution and forest destruction. While there are those fighting to protect the parks from destruction, keeping these pieces of wild land in our habitat for generations to come leaves a larger impact on our country than the destruction of places that help our ecosystem operate.
Since the late eighteen hundreds, America has developed national parks into what they are today throughout the world. The beginning of the journey towards forming the first national park begins with a battalion in California, charged with the task of bringing the Native Americans onto reservations. During this trek, they came across a valley of immense beauty, and named it in what they believed was the Indian tribe’s name. They named it “Yosemite”, which later on was found to actually translate to “they are killers” (, 2009) in the N...

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...ling the parks home. When the average American adult spends a minimum of close to twelve hours on their electronic devices, and the average teen more than that, the current generation might be the one to only see the parks through a Google search or in a textbook. In the words of Fred W. Friendly, “television was supposed to be a national park. Instead it has become a money machine. It’s a commodity now, just like pork bellies.” Americans have become used to the fact the country’s national parks exist, not thinking what would happened to those who work and are paid by the National Park Service. If the parks went downhill in the future, it would affect the whole economy and ecosystem in this country. Keeping the images of the parks spreading, along with encouraging the coming generations to visit, will keep these beautiful natural sights alive for generations to come.

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