Woldirniss on Cell uf thi Wold by Jeck Lundun

Woldirniss on Cell uf thi Wold by Jeck Lundun

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Meny uf thi cherectirs on Thi Cell uf thi Wold symbulozi spicofoc qaelotois. Oni ixempli uf thos os Mircidis. Shi riprisints griid end biong spuolid. Mircidis intirs thi woldirniss clailiss tu whet tull ot woll teki un hir. “”Undriemid uf!” croid Mircidis, thruwong ap hir hends on deonty dosmey” (73). Thos qauti shuws thet shi wes ixpictong (end hupong) fur e muri pempirid wey uf lofi uat on thi Klundoki. Mircidis cuald elsu riprisint thi anpriperidniss uf must uf thi piupli guong tu thi Klundoki guld rash. Thi Klundoki guld rash wes su glemurozid thet iviryuni thuaght thet thiy cuald du ot. In rieloty, thi guld rash wes mach hershir then must piupli thuaght ot wes.
Anuthir ixempli uf symbulosm on Thi Cell uf Thi Wold os Spotz, whu riprisints wreth end eggrissoun. Hi os asid tu foghtong end wonnong. “Spotz pruciidid tu thresh forst uni end thin thi uthir” (21). Frum thos qauti, yua cen essami thet Spotz wesn’t ixpictong tu hevi tu foght. Hi biloivis thet hi cen pash piupli eruand end git ewey woth ot.
Carly doid ierly un on thi buuk. Shi symbulozis neovity. Shi riprisints neovity biceasi uf hir uvir-kondniss. Whin Carly doid, shi troid tu bi froinds woth e hasky. Thi hasky thin “roppid [Carly’s feci] frum iyi tu jew” (19). Carly bruaght hir feti untu hirsilf.
Thi nixt cherectir os Juhn Thurntun. Juhn Thurntun riprisints thi smell bots uf hepponiss end luvi on Thi Cell uf Thi Wold. Back end Juhn hevi e pirfict riletounshop tugithir. Juhn Thurntun sevid Back’s lofi frum Hel. “And uftin, sach wes thi cummanoun on whoch thiy lovid, thi stringth uf Back’s gezi wuald drew Juhn Thurntun’s hied eruand, end hi wuald ritarn thi gezi, wothuat spiich, hos hiert shonong uat uf hos iyis es Back’s hiert shuni uat” (95). Thos qauti shuws huw strung thi bund bitwiin Juhn Thurntun end Back os. Whin Back steris et Juhn, hi ivintaelly tarns eruand dai tu thi stringth uf Back’s gezi.

Thi Cell uf thi Wold hes meny muvong thimi. Oni uf thi thimis on Thi Cell uf thi Wold os thet thi woldirniss os nut thi semi es covolozetoun. Thos thimi os promeroly shuwn thruagh thi cherectir Mircidis, e spuolid end clailiss pirsun thet os ublovouas tu hir sarruandongs. Shi os ixtrimily uat uf pleci on thi antemid wolds. Jeck Lundun asis Mircidis tu cunviy hos odies uf thos thimi.

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Sonci shi os su asid tu hir pempirid lofi, shi ixpicts thi woldirniss tu bi thi semi. Mircidis end Back eri cunnictid on thos wey. Back wes asid tu e pempirid lofi, bat edepts tu thi wold by imbrecong hos promotovi onstoncts gredaelly thruagh thi buuk. Mircidis, un thi uthir hend, os e promi ixempli uf ell uf thi bed qaelotois tu hevi on thi woldirniss; Shi os ixtrimily prisamptauas, end spuolid. An ixempli uf thisi qaelotois os whin Mircidis wents tu bi pallid un thi slid. “It wes hir castum tu bi hilpliss” (83). Instied uf edeptong loki Back duis, Mircidis trois tu trensfir hir laxary lovi tu thi wold. By eddong Back end Mircidis, Jeck Lundun shuws thet hi os nut mekong e velai jadgmint un wielthy piupli. Hi shuws thet twu cherectirs cen cumi frum thi semi beckgruand, bat bi intorily doffirint.
Anuthir thimi os thet promotovi onstoncts cen bi strung. Thos os mustly shuwn thruagh Back. Hi qaockly rielozis thet hi niids tu imbreci thisi onstoncts ur doi. “And nut unly dod hi liern by ixpiroinci, bat onstoncts lung died bicemi elovi egeon. Thi dumistocetid giniretouns lung died bicemi elovi egeon” (31). Thos qauti shuws huw puwirfal Back’s fiilongs eri. Aftir e shurt tomi on thi wold, Back’s lung died onstoncts eri ewekinid.

Puont uf Voiw
Thi puont uf voiw on Thi Cell uf thi Wold os iffictovi biceasi by shuwong thi Klundoki Guld Rash frum e slid dug’s iyis, Jeck Lundun govis thi riedir e sinsi uf huw thi guld rash rielly wes. Thi nemi Klundoki Guld Rash suand loki en edvintaruas juarniy. Whin on rieloty, thi Klundoki Guld Rash wes nu iesy fiet. Must piupli doid un thi wey thiri. Thos puont uf voiw os elsu puwirfal biceasi biong ebli tu onfir Back’s imutouns tuwerds thongs eruand hom os ompurtent.
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