The Wilderness Act Of 1964 Essay

The Wilderness Act Of 1964 Essay

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The remains of an industrial area, gave way to a worldwide event, the 1974 Spokane Expo. A small city in the Pacific Northwest celebrated with the entire world, as Spokane approached the world’s fair with the very first environmental themed event. The fair ran from May-November, 1974, distancing itself from technology themed fairs of the 1960’s, Spokane’s approach would signify the environmental movement that was front and center in the United States. From 1950-1970, landmark movements were advancing their causes, attempting to create a healthier and more environmentally sound environment. The passage of the Wilderness Act of 1964, Endangered Species Act of 1973, Earth Day in 1970, and the Environmental Protection Agency, symbolized the need for a healthier tomorrow.
Expo ’74 (which was the name for 1974 World’s Fair), reflected on bringing attention to ecological affairs. Spokane’s history of such problems, would be highlighted, as well as environmentally sound projects (that enhanced the city) for the fair. Expo’74 allowed the city to revamp areas around the river and their downtown industrial quarters, which were of great concern. Featuring Spokane’s own failures and new ecological accomplishments, would be interesting to the world and help sell the popularity of the expo.
In the late 1960’s and early 70’s, Americans were tired of interfering government and the abolishment of Nixon’s presidency, gave way to the idea that federal government was untouchable. Conservation took center stage, as events came front and center, with increased industrial air pollution, toxic runoff from factories, destructive profiteering of natural resources and the many environmental issues that Americans pronounced as unacceptable.
In May of 19...

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...hics, entertained the visitors and encouraged participation.
The ’74 World Fair would consume 100 acres near the downtown area, and holds the record for the smallest city to ever hold the world’s fair. A handful of visionaries imagined taking the industrial eye-sore of Spokane, and transforming it into a modern example of renewal and eco-friendly metropolitan highlight. Presenting Spokane’s beautiful appeal, the majestic fall, it would become the main attraction that featured Mother Earth’s artistry. Media and television reviews were expressive with the roaring sounds of the Spokane’s finest natural marvel. Expo ’74 brought over 5 million visitors and generated enough revenue to make the event financially successful. In the end, Spokane demonstrated that a small city in the Pacific Northwest could stand up to the challenge of giving the world a better tomorrow.

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