WikiLeaks: Changing the World Essay

WikiLeaks: Changing the World Essay

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Just as United States has the freedom of speech, they also have the freedom of information; it is not exactly the same type of meaning. The Freedom of Information Act was established in 1966 and signed by President Johnson and in 1996 a more modern act was constructed, the Electronic Freedom of Information Act. These acts were designed for an individual to have the ability to obtain unreleased information or documents controlled by the United States government. An organization named WikiLeaks has changed the law to a whole new level. Government transparency is their goal. The WikiLeaks website has released undocumented files in large amounts to the public. According to author of “From FOI World to WikiLeaks World”, WikiLeaks "…has been claimed to be the biggest leaker of secret information in history” (Hood, 2011). WikiLeaks has gone over the line of what stays secret or not. The organization is influencing many to join in a more transparent world but the information that is being put out has two sides of the effect; one may shine light on some things, but on the other the exposure of confidential information can be for the worst.
WikiLeaks is a non-profit mass media organization that was founded by an Australian activist, Julian Assange in 2006. Their motivation is to expose secret, private or classified information, documents and media from governments and corporations. Christopher Hood (2011) announces that, WikiLeaks “releases include nearly 80,000 documents about Afghan war, some 400,000 Iraq war documents, and diplomatic cables from 274 U.S. embassies around the world” (Hood, 2011). The gathered information is from anonymous news sources, news leaks, hackers, and whistleblowers. The organization feels the need to impro...

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