Wii : Personal Relevance, Value, And Social Need Essay

Wii : Personal Relevance, Value, And Social Need Essay

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Wii U uses Personal relevance, value, and social need to motivate the consumer to buy their game. For the majority of gamers, Mario was introduced into their life since 1981. Therefore, Mario game is what most gamers are growing up with. Therefore, most gamers are likely to buy Wii U once they know that Wii U consists of Mario games. Because Mario reflected consumer’s childhood experience, which represents self-concept, the consumer is more likely to introduce Mario to their children too. If the parents had a good experience with the game, of cause the parents would want to share that experience with their son and daughter. Also, Wii U games are designed to be simple and the graphic and content are appropriate for children. For that reason, Wii U is definitely a perfect gift for children. Plus, the graphic from the game and the characters are so simple that the game is also perfect for the family to spend a weekend together. As a result, Wii U created values for the family. Likewise, Wii U offers social need. The game can be played online while communicating with another player through a social network. Thus, the consumer could play together despite not having to see one another. Because Wii U is the least expensive compared to other game consoles, financial resources will increase consumer buying power. For that reason, if the decision of a consumer is based on price, Wii U will win. However, time is one of the main factor affecting consumer’s decision making. For example, parents will not buy a game for their children if they know that game is time-consuming. The opposite is also possible, many people will not buy the game because they simply don’t have time to play.
Symbolic needs affect Wii U compared to another game cons...

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...need to remind and inform the consumer about how great the product is. The consumer is not willing to buy if they don’t know the benefit of an exchange. They should also come up with the plan that will keep the customer engage. For example, they should develop new features or a new game at least three times a year. If the consumer has a goal or a game to look forward to, the distraction will not be the factor that affects consumer’s opportunity.

I have learned that Motivation, Ability, and Opportunity are the main factors that affect consumer’s decision making. The consumer will not buy the product if one of the three factors is missing. I have also learned that despite how good the product is, the product will not sales to the wrong demographic. Plus, the company need to be consistent. Otherwise, the product will be forgotten completely.

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