Wi Fi Technology Should Not Be Free Essay

Wi Fi Technology Should Not Be Free Essay

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Nowadays cell phone and technology are progressing by leaps and bounds and almost everyone has some kind of electronic device like iPad, cell phones or tablets. Those days are gone. Those days are gone when people were depending on their desktop computers in their homes and workplaces, this is advanced period and innovation has made it very easy for people to communicate with each other and as the business area is also progressing and people like to check their emails and call their contact or do business meetings on Skype. In this case, if they are traveling from one city to another it will create disturbance in their work if there is no internet or Wi-Fi available. People believe that Wi-Fi technology should not be free in every city and there should be proper charges, but I believe that it is very important for every city to keep the Wi-Fi service free for their citizen.
74% of grown-up cell phone proprietors ages 18 and more seasoned say they use their phone to get directions or other information based on their current location.
One of the most important things is people can use this free Wi-Fi facility to guide themselves. As a matter of fact there are 74% people who use their cellphones to get directions based on their current location so for these people there must be free Wi-Fi. A vacationer who does not think about the best places in the city to eat or to continue their daily activities they can use this free Wi-Fi on the road to in order to get the details on their obliged things. According to the Pew Research Center there are 41% people who always use their cellphone to coordinate their meetings destination through their cellphones every month. Moreover, people who are not good with their map navigation skills are...

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... improves. Equally significant, free Wi-Fi connection reduces the administrative costs of these cities since billing and relevant communications are done via the internet. Moreover, peaceful coexistence is encouraged because citizens of various cultures and races can share their ideologies comfortably via the internet. Aren’t these merits enough to enable one concluding that free Wi-Fi is important in cities? The answer is definitely yes and I, therefore, call on my opponents to join me in supporting the argument that free Wi-Fi is indeed significant in cities.
As a matter of fact, we were using Internet and Wi-Fi technology for a long time ago and now we are too much addicted to it. Some people cannot even create new points or to try something new without the help of internet. So cities areas ought to offer a free Wi-Fi so that people can take full advantage of it.

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