Why Young People Do Not Vote? Essay

Why Young People Do Not Vote? Essay

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Although there are 44 million eligible young voters ages 18-29, in 2012 only 45% of them voted. These young people make up one fifth, or 21%, of the eligible voting population, yet they often do not vote. Voting is a tremendous gift. Young people in many other countries around the world have to fight to gain this right. In America, voting is often taken for granted by all age groups, but the youth take it for granted the most. In this paper, the reason why young people do not vote will be explored and solutions as to how to get them to vote will be proposed.
According to The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) there are five main reasons why young people don’t vote. The graph they presented uses census survey data from 2010 for citizens 18-24. The graph was broken down into two groups, those who are and are not in college. The first reason cited was being away from home or out of town, 23% of college students stated this and only 5% of people not in college stated this. 8% of college students said they forgot to vote, and over 12% of those not in college said they forgot to vote or send in a ballot. For students in college, 12% versus 19% of those not in college said that the reason they did not vote is because they were not interested or felt their vote did not count. Another reason for not voting was being too busy or stating that voting conflicted with work for 35% of college students and 30% of those not in colleges. Lastly “other reasons” to not vote was listed as the number one category in those not in college at 33% and 21% for those in college.
With every survey taken there are limitations. Within this survey people could have not wanted to say their true reasons for not votin...

... middle of paper ...

...responsibilities and freedoms given by the right to vote.

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