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Why You Walk Into School Essay

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You walk into school on a seemingly ordinary day. In the hall nobody glances your direction, you feel invisible and untouchable. You try not to think about what is in store for you in class all day. You just focus on the music coming out of your headphones and keep walking. You walk all the way to your classroom without being noticed by all your peers in the hallway. Once you are inside your classroom everyone turns to look at you. Some kids in class laugh, others try not to notice, some pass notes and some just ignore your existence altogether. You feel like there is a huge joke and you’re the punch line. You look around at everyone laughing and know that you are the one left out. You are the one who doesn’t understand why they are laughing or why they taunt you. You are the one who pretends to laugh along with everyone else to fit in but doesn’t realize that they are all laughing at you. You sit down and try not to pay attention to what they say and how they treat you. You look at your teacher and wish that she would see what is occurring in front of her every day. You wish that your only friend in class would protect you. You wish that she would tell you that everyone is wrong with what they say about you. You wish that anyone would help you but what you don’t know yet is that the only one who will help you is yourself.
The first year of middle school is a big transition for most kids. Every student goes from being handed strict instructions and being led around by teachers in straight lines to the chaos of middle school with small freedoms and harder classes. This transition becomes even harder for those who also have to deal with any type of bullying or harassment. In sixth grade I was bullied by almost every member of my cla...

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...cipating in every day. It can do terrible things to the human spirit and torment the victim long after everyone is done speaking.
As a direct result of my classmates seeing what happened to me but not intervening I promised myself that I will never be a bystander that pretends not to see a problem. Seven years later and I still find myself thinking about when I was twelve. My experience with bullying doesn’t make me sad or upset any more, it frustrates me more than anything. It frustrates me that in my class of close to thirty people nobody defended me or helped me. This experience has motivated me to be the one to speak up in situations like mine. I want to be the one to do what nobody had the courage to do for me. I want to be the person to save someone from the pain that I felt whether it is bullying similar to my case, Rankine’s story or any other type of abuse.

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