Why You Shouldn't Cross-Contaminate Food Essay

Why You Shouldn't Cross-Contaminate Food Essay

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“Do not Cross, Contaminate”(Food Safety Government). Cross Contamination is how bacteria can spread. Its the physical movement of harmful bacteria from one person to another and or object. Cross Contamination is a serious dangerous bacteria.This often happens when you're not washing your hands,cutting boards , counter tops etc. Cross Contamination may affect you in life and in the food industry. Always make sure of your aware of your surroundings because you can pass on any type of bacteria at any time, whether you're cooking or doing something at home. Many steps into preventing Cross Contamination but it will take time and it also pays off at the end. From the rights to wrongs,the do’s to the don'ts. Cross Contamination makes changes drastically. Starting off with good Personal Hygiene, How it can affect your body and the type of diseases you can get by it and also wearing the proper clothing . Cross Contamination will be with everywhere you go but its up to you to stop it. Cross contamination is a top concern in the food industry.
Good personal Hygiene will help prevent Cross Contamination. John Lucey states, “Management should serve as role models for good work habits and acceptable hygienic practices”(parag.1).Most infections are caught when people put their unwashed hands,which have germs on them ,to their mouth. Some infections are caught when other people’s dirty hands touch the food we eat. Hands and wrists should be washed with soap and water(as hot as you can take it).You may use a brush to clean under your fingernails. You should wash your hands for 20 seconds,if it helps you can sing the “happy birthday song”.Dry your hands with paper towels or a air dryer near you.Wash your ha...

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...ecially if you want to work in the food industry. Making a good impression is always the best way to go.

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