Essay on Why You Should Pay More Than $ 10- $ 50 For A Sample

Essay on Why You Should Pay More Than $ 10- $ 50 For A Sample

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By now you should be discussing price. Let them know your first order will be small as this is standard for your company when first doing business with a new manufacturer. If they are serious, they should be ready for the sample stage.

Once they have answered all of my questions, I then ask for a sample. Once again, they will try to get you to pay for a sample, which at that point you should tell them you don’t pay for samples. Some of your manufactures won’t respond which is fine. Others will give you all the reasons why you should pay for a sample. I advise to never pay more than $10-$50 for a sample. As a general rule I mostly don’t pay for samples, however, I will if the company has proven to be reputable. If you are going to pay on the higher end for a sample, you should only do so if the product is expensive to make based on your research. Tell them you are prepared for a long-term relationship, but you have to know that the company can do what they promise. You will want a custom sample, If they agree to this, you should send your physical sample if they ask.

Chapter 3 Trial run/ Sample
Now that the negotiation period is over it’s time for them to send you the sample. By now, you should have negotiated a free or paid sample. In many cases shipping won’t take more than a week or two. However, you need to confirm this before they ship the sample.

When receiving your item you want to examine it and ensure it is what you were looking for. Take note of all the differences between what you envisioned and what you received. This is what you will report back to the manufacturer. If the differences are abundant you will need another trail run. If the adjustments needed are very close to what you envisioned for your final product...

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...t your manufacture informing them that it arrived noting any issues that you discover. Now you have all of your items, what should you do now? Sale! I like to sell my first batch of items the unconventional way to see get a feel for the demand. I like to sell on sites such as craigslist, eBay and Etsy. These will give you a chance to sell your items quickly. You can also use Facebook advertisements to test the interest. At this point even if you have a website, you won’t have much traffic at this time

You can now inform your contacts and testers that your product is amiable for sell and where its available at. If you haven’t started a website yet, you can create a simple landing page to test the market. You can get a free website from or create a sales page from Start your website by purchasing a website and domain name you find them for

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