Why You Have Applied For More Than One Programme Essay

Why You Have Applied For More Than One Programme Essay

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1. Please write a paragraph about why you have applied for this programme. You might consider writing about what you hope to learn by studying this programme, how this study will develop your career, or whether you have a personal interest in this area of study. If you have applied for more than one programme, please complete this question for each of the programmes.
Completing a bachelor of health science (physiotherapy) degree is the first step in completing my life plan and starting my career. Upon completion of my degree I plan to work with the connections I have acquired through my career as an athletics athlete. The way the human body functions has caught my interest since a young age. This trait only further developed when I started pursuing athletics seriously and saw through my own experience and through the experience of those around me that to excel in sport your body must be in perfect health. A role model in my life has been Cory Choma owner of CSA physiotherapy, head pole vault coach at the University of Alberta. Being around him I have witnessed first person the life of a physiotherapist and have also acquired some basic knowledge in the area triggering me to pursue this career. In my own time I have started to build a basic knowledge of anatomy with plans of keeping my body in top shape for training. Since my start as an athlete I have developed interest in Injury prevention, Injury treatment, the healing process and repairing the strength of the injured area post injury. I wish to further development my interest in the Bachelor of health science (Physiotherapy) program Acquiring the necessary knowledge in becoming a physiotherapist specializing in sports injury.

2. Please outline your work and education h...

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... gold medal
• Canadian track and field championships 2015 5th place
• 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 alberta schools championships Pole Vault champion
• 2012-2013 canadian western championships Pole Vault gold and High jump silver
• Recognized by Tim Uppal member of federal parliament for athletic excellence
• Honors grades 2011-2012, 2012-2013,2013,2014
Volunteer work:
• 2014-2015 Bev Facey high school track and field head jumps coach
• Edmonton international track club developmental pole vault coach
• Edmonton international track club committee member
I coached multiple high school level athletes to Personal bests and one school record during my time as a high school track coach. My involvement in Edmonton international track club includes voting on club decisions, training first time pole vault athletes, uniform design and purchasing aswell as being an athlete myself.

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