Essay on Why Would A Husband Move Into His Wife 's Community When They Marry?

Essay on Why Would A Husband Move Into His Wife 's Community When They Marry?

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1. Why would a husband move into his wife’s community when they marry?
a. The occurrence of a newlywed couple-taking residency within the wife’s community is defined as pursuing a matrilocal residency pattern. This residency rule is often followed by communities where the men’s presence often becomes deficient for a particular reason and/ or if the community is centered around the women’s activities; as is found in some horticulture and agriculture communities. A reason for a couple to take a matrilocal residency could be if the particular community is involved in frequent warfare which would remove male presence for lengthy periods of time, especially during important times such as harvesting and planting season.
Another reason that a matrilocal residency would be observed by a couple is if the men are involved in frequent and long-distance trading activities, thus often removing them from the community, leaving all food production and household affairs to the women left behind. Some examples of communities that exhibit the matrilocal residency rules include many warrior people, such as: the Iroquois, Nayar, Cossacks, and the Mosuo; an ethnic group who live near Tibet in China. In this particular culture, the women make all business decisions and are heads of the households, even though the majority of men remain within the community.
2. Give two different reasons why people may have polygynous marriages?
a. Belonging to a polugynous marriage means that a man is socially permitted to be married to more than one spouse at the same time (Kottak 152). Many people are under the impression that polygyny is practiced due to religious reasoning, however, Kottak reveals that there are several other factors that may lead an individual o...

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...ion needed. This means that men are fragile, with regards to health, men are actually 20 times more susceptible to 12 diseases than women, as compared to women, who are more susceptible to only one disease; a quite convenient statistic.
Generally, people often attribute the relatively longer lives of women with the historical tendency for men to be involved with occupations and partake in activities that deal with higher levels of stress and leadership, but this perception was proven invalid by a study conducted by F.C. Madison in 1957. Using a sample population of 40,000 cloistered monks and nuns, who had no gender differences in daily responsibilities, Madison found that the women still outlived the men by an average of five and a half years. Therefore in a closed environment without any differences in gender responsibilities, women will live longer lives than men.

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