Why Women Feel Pressure To Be Thin Essay

Why Women Feel Pressure To Be Thin Essay

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The study will be investigating women’s pressure to be thin, as the dependent variable, and media pressure, socio-cultural influence, aging-related alarm in relation to appearance, perfectionism, body dissatisfaction, and stress and depression, as the independent variables. The surveys will be designed with open-ended questions to encourage the participants to provide full and meaningful responses concerning the research topic.
The questions that will appear in the survey include:
1) How old are you?
2) Do you have any children?
3) How many are you in your family?
4) How many times do eat in a day?
5) Which kinds of food do you like eating every day?
6) What do you feel should be the ideal body size and shape?
7) How well do size and shape represent an ideal body?
8) How does the ideal female body size and shape differ from one woman to another?
9) How does accessibility to media images influence your feelings concerning your body shape and size?
10) Which kinds of physical exercises do you engage in to help you maintain your ideal body image?
11) How often do you engage in such physical exercises?
12) Which kinds of food do you usually avoid to enable you to maintain your ideal body image?
13) What usually drives you to eat? Is it physical hunger, anxiety, depression, or sadness?
14) What tells you when to eat? Is it your body or emotions?
15) What is your opinion about fattening and eating high-calorie food?
16) How do you usually feel eating food that is rich or high in calories?
17) How do you usually feel when you find out that your body weight has increased?
18) How often do you engage in talks about women’s body image?
19) What feelings do you usually experience during such talks?
20) Which advice can you give to fellow w...

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