Essay on Why Wilderness Rehabilitation Is a Successful Means of Therapy

Essay on Why Wilderness Rehabilitation Is a Successful Means of Therapy

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Why Wilderness Rehabilitation Is a Successful Means of Therapy
Wilderness Rehabilitation is a growing method of therapy in the U.S. At the moment it is known that there is a minimum of 500 organizations that conduct therapeutic wilderness techniques in America. The rapid expansion of this method alone shows how successful wilderness rehabilitation really is. With many research studies to prove its therapeutic benefits for troubled youth wilderness rehabilitation stands as one of the most successful methods out there today.
Wilderness rehabilitation is a type of psychotherapy. Psychotherapy consists of treating mental and emotional disorders by talking about certain conditions and related issues; with therapists and piers. During sessions of psychotherapy the children learn about their conditions, feelings, thoughts and behavior. This helps to establish an understanding of why they are there and makes them feel more comfortable with their surroundings and peers. Using the knowledge they gain in psychotherapy the children develop coping skills and stress management. Psychotherapy is usually successful though it can be completed in just a few months; in cases of serious mental illnesses children can be benefited from long term sessions.

Essentially, our synergistic approach combines the life-changing elements of a wilderness experience with the best of proven therapeutic practices. There are no words that properly capture or describe the magical transformation that our students experience while addressing their issues in a wilderness settings (WinGate).
This describes the unexplainable changes that people go through in these programs. You won’t be able to fully understand the complexity of these methods until you actually ex...

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...rograms on this topic. But many other studies suggest that this is a successful and safe method of therapy and rehabilitation as well. So even though skepticism is understandable without knowledge it’s proven to be safe and successful. If people are educated on the facts about wilderness rehabilitation they can realize sooner that it is affective and not controversial whatsoever.
In the end wilderness rehabilitation is a life altering experience that kids and staff alike will never forget. They influence thousands of people daily to make better decisions and can even help people cope with depression and other mental illnesses as well. They will leave with a sense of accomplishment and new found respect for themselves, their families and regain control over their lives by taking into consideration those around them and how their actions affect people around them.

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