Why Were You Discharged? Essay

Why Were You Discharged? Essay

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Why were you discharged?
Strong difference of opinions. There was never a specific reason for discharging me. At the time it was agreed upon between both parties that “going separate ways” was the best option.

Explain what the Employer said you did…
At the time of discharge there was not a reason given. However, there had been several months of turmoil prior to this imminent discharge. After having read through the appeal paperwork it seems the discharge reasons were: alcohol consumption on the job, refusal to do what was asked (insubordination), and tardiness. All of which, and then some, are addressed below.
-My hours were listed as 8:30 am to 5pm. Mike brought to my attention that he had noticed I had been tardy on more than one occasion. I readily admitted to it and attempted to explain if there was a valid reason. There were small colleague to colleague chats in regards to the issue but it was never said boss to employee, point blank, that I had received a warning of any sort. To add, there were numerous times that 5pm would roll around, and Mike would find me and would say he needed me to do something else that would keep me beyond my scheduled hours. Never was I paid overtime for any hours over 40 in a work week. These random requirements of staying late were never based on whether or not I was tardy.
-On more than one occasion alcohol was consumed on JMS property. Christmas Eve the shop gets closed to customer’s midday and employees/employer would partake in a Christmas party of sorts, off company time but on company property. Christmas, some might say, is a different story. The following is not: Jeff, co-owner of JMS, would regularly bring in a six pack of beer upon returning from the cities. Jeff would bring the be...

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...hing up when I was finished. Over the last year though things went downhill. We all noticed his temper had gotten worse and that somewhere, something had shifted. I went from being a trusted sidekick to the guy that couldn 't do anything right. I admit that being tardy was wrong, but who would want to come into work never knowing what mood the boss was going to be in and have him fly off the handle no matter whether you were early or late. For any employment position there is always a "no alcohol" policy. Each and every one of us broke that rule more than one time at the shop, but I am the one having it be used as grounds for termination. At the time Mike did ask If i was trying to get fired. I told him no. He proceeded to tell me I could paint or go home. I Never refused to do as Mike asked of me. He gave me the option to leave so I chose to go home to my family.

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