Why Were Women Treated As Minorities? Essay

Why Were Women Treated As Minorities? Essay

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Why were women treated as minorities compared to men even when they had played major roles in Greek Mythology? Women have always played a very important role in Greek Society, either they were portrayed as a victim, heroine, or villain. Some women that were portrayed as these roles were Antitope, Leda, Athena, Antigone, Clytemnestra, and Medea. Antitope and Leda were portrayed as victims. Athena and Antigone were portrayed as a heroine. Clytemnestra and Medea were portrayed as villains.
Antitope and Leda were portrayed as victims of rape. They were both raped by the most powerful god Zeus. Zeus was attracted to Antitope’s beauty so he raped her. In Leda’s case, he turned into a swan and raped her.
“Zeus raped or seduced several humans, including the Spartan queen Leda, whom he approached in the form of a swan and who gave birth to two pairs of twins—Castor and Polydeuces and Helen of Troy and Klytemnestra, the Argive princess Danae, whom he visited as a shower of gold and who bore him the hero Perseus, the Phoenician princess Europa, whom he abducted in the form of a bull and who bore him Minos and Rhadamanthys, and the Trojan prince Ganymede, who was abducted by an eagle, perhaps Zeus in disguise, to become Zeus 's lover and cupbearer on Mt. Olympus. The legends of Zeus 's sexual exploits with human women probably arose during the Mycenaean age” (Sacks).
Athena and Antigone were portrayed as heroines because they were known to be helpful, strong, and always supporting the truth. Athena was the one who guided Odysseus to return back home safely when he was facing so many difficult obstacles on his way back home. She always offered others advice and protection. She had also helped “Heracles with his Twelve Labors, and Perseus wi...

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... but, of course, Pelias did not survive. The people were so horrified at this deed that Jason and Medea had to flee the country” (Daly). When Medea and her husband settled in Corinth, Jason left her for the daughter of the Corinthian king Creon, Glauca. To get revenge from her husband, Medea murders her own two children and poisons the Corinthian princess, that Jason, her husband left for, and King Creon.
All of these women have played some sort of major role in Greek Mythology, but still men were given more importance. In Greek Society, most women were known to be the slaves of their husbands. Women in Greek Mythology were looked at as low, even though most of these women became powerful goddesses like Athena. It is not acceptable for women to be considered important second after men because it is clear that most women have powerful roles in the mythological world.

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