Why We Work By Andrew Curry

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In today’s society you either have to work hard to live a good life, or just inherit a lump sum of cash, which is probably never going to happen. So instead a person has to work a usual nine to five just to put food on the table for their families, and in many cases that is not even enough. In the article, “Why We Work” by Andrew Curry, Curry examines the complexities of work and touches on the reasons why many workers feel unsatisfied with their jobs. Barbara Ehrenreich writes an essay called, “Serving in Florida” which is about the overlooked life of being a server and the struggles of working off low minimum wages. Curry’s standpoint on jobs is that workers are not satisfied, the job takes control of their whole life, and workers spend too much time at work, which support the problems of serving in Ehrenreich’s essay. Curry draws conclusions, while at the same time Ehrenreich uses analogies, to prove that workers are no longer kept happy at the job, but instead are mistreated. When describing the feelings of workers Curry states, “Many workers are left feeling insecure, unfulfilled, and underappreciated” (14). This feeling of not being appreciated and unfulfilled are due to the fact that managers are not treating their employees with respect and treat them as machines. When touching on the mistreatment of her job by the managers Ehrenreich claims, “ I haven’t been treated this way - lined up in the corridor, threatened with locker searches, peppered with carelessly aimed accusations - since at least junior high school” (19). The managers at her job mistreat her and all of the employees which causes them to feel worthless. When Ehrenreich uses the analogy of being mistreated at work and compares it to the way she was treated ... ... middle of paper ... ... though there have been movements to push for the shortage of hours, it is a battle that is slowly being lost. Curry explains that workers are left with dissatisfaction and feel as though their managers do not treat them with utmost respect. Furthermore, he states how workers spend too much time at work and goes into detail about how work takes control of people’s entire lives. Ehrenreich is a server who is a living example of all the arguments Curry writes about, thus making his arguments credible. The only way to truly survive in this world is to work in order to provide for one’s family. We all need money to buy necessities and pay bills, and the best way to get that is through a job. Some people like their jobs, others do it for just the money. The best way to escape the endless cycle of working long hours and hating your job, is to find a job that you love.
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