Essay about Why We Still Need Public Schools

Essay about Why We Still Need Public Schools

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School vouchers can be defined as a government-funded voucher redeemable for tuition fees at a school other than the public school that a student could attend for free. When a child is given a voucher, this means that the government has given them their apportionment of money that they would have used at a public school. Some think that if they do not participate in government forms of education then they should have a portion of money for not using it to be able to spend on the education of their choice. On the other hand, some feel that if parents choose to opt out of public services, then they should not expect the government to help them do it. The purpose of the education system is defeated when vouchers are put into action. The word private itself means having no official public role or position; furthermore, if subjects begin to choose private education then that is what they should receive, private.
According to the Center for Education Policy published document in 2007 titled, Why We Still Need Public Schools: Public Education for the Common Good in 2014, they have characterized the public school missions as follows: “ To provide universal access to free education, to guarantee equal opportunities for all children, to prepare people to become economically self-sufficient, and to improve social conditions.” This report was made to highlight the importance to remember the public purpose for public education — “a role that they believe distinguishes public schools from private education.” In public schools, no matter the financial need of a child or their situations, education is given for free. Public schools have an open door policy that will accept any child no matter their learning pace or disabilities; furthermore, cr...

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... percent increase in students’ earnings as a adults. A public money investment in schools, they wrote returned 8.9 percent annually for a typical pupil. These findings are evidence that with the right findings, public schools can be a way for children who grow up in poverty to overcome their circumstances. Jackson also found that the increased funding had the greatest effect if it was used to raise teachers ' salaries, reduce class sizes or lengthen the school year. That conclusion accords with other research finding that better teachers can have profound effects on how much students learn, since the schools with the highest salaries can attract the most talented instructors. In conclusion, it is best to take advantage of what the public is already offering for its people because when individuals start asking for more things (vouchers), the old things begin to crumble

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