Why We Shouldn't Censor the Internet Essay

Why We Shouldn't Censor the Internet Essay

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The use of censorship by one side to gain power over another is apparent throughout history. The development of technology has posed several issues for both parties, both making censorship more and less difficult to enforce. This is especially prevalent in today’s society, where the internet has ensnared the current younger generations with its social networking and online entertainment industries. Even further detrimental to this modernized culture is how this freedom has prevented anyone from efficiently limiting connections to these such sites. The place where internet censorship is most commonly present is in schools, where it raises many issues and questions about the effectiveness of installing the filters. Rather than censor the internet, we should educate its users and take steps to make it more open.
The most common reason used to attack school internet censorship is that they often block educational resources. Often, these filters are shown to be not only too strict in certain areas by blocking required teaching and educational resources and databases ("School Internet Filters"). One major example of this occurring is when the Canadian National History Society’s magazine The Beaver was blocked by internet filters (Wagner). Firstly, this example of “authoritarian” internet censorship is absurd. Rather than nimbly modifying their filters to allow the site through, a magazine founded in 1920 (Wagner) was reluctantly renamed to a supposedly “less-offensive” name, as if it were possibly offensive or inappropriate in the first place. An example of a common scene in many classrooms is when a Minnesota school teacher, Doug Johnson attempted to show a Wikipedia page to his class, but was stopped by his school’s internet filter (W...

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...t be informed about the alternatives to filtering content. In other words, to teach one generation, you must educate another first.

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