Why We Should Travel? Essay

Why We Should Travel? Essay

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Why We Should Travel
Today many people have a very fixed view about others in different countries, and what the locals from those countries think about Americans. America was formed so people from other cultures could come and make a life for themselves, and so they could come and enjoy the traditions and ways of America. If people could stop and think about all the good things that other countries have to offer instead of all the bad that the media shows, they could learn to appreciate those countries better. People need to be more open minded about going to other countries because without travel there would be no way of learning about other cultures.
The amount of people in America that cannot travel outside of the country is a big problem. In 2011 only “30% of Americans have passports” (Avon 1). In perspective “30%” (Avon 1) is a very low number. Over half of the American population cannot go outside of the United States because they do not have a passport.
Out of the “30%” (Avon 1) the majority of them are most likely older people. Harriet Edleson wrote an article for the New York Times on how “older Americans” (Edleson 1) can travel more and spend less. She stated that “Americans over 50 spend more than $120 billion every year to travel to other countries” (Edleson 1). I feel like it should be more important to the younger generations to go out and experience different places instead of just seeing pictures or videos that are on television or the internet. Why is it that the majority of Americans that travel are over 50 years old? It may be because younger Americans today do not have the desire to go to foreign countries because “America has it all: ‘From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans, white with foam,’… ...

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...ries really are, and begin traveling more, we could learn so much from those countries. America is not a country that was created from one idea or way. America was created because different people came from different places, and introduced their traditions, foods, culture, and ways to whoever they could share them with. I believe that Americans need to travel more so they can experience how great other cultures are because there is a lot people can get out of traveling. There are so many wonderful things to experience and enjoy in new places. America can never have too many different cultures and ways of thinking. This is why traveling is such an important thing, because when we bring our experiences back with us from different cultures it adds to the melting pot we call home, and being a melting pot of different cultures is what makes America so special and unique.

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