Why We Should Make The Most Of Time With Other People Essay

Why We Should Make The Most Of Time With Other People Essay

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People are finite beings, and death is a fact all humans must face at some point throughout their lifetime. More simply as soon as someone enters the world that person at some point in the future will die. People will come and go through your life and the death of someone close to you is almost inevitable. So why not make the most of time spent with other people? The obvious answer should be that people should make the most of their time with other people, but all too often people take that time for granted. One law of life that should be lived by is to make the most of your time with people while you still have them.
Losing someone has some of the hardest effects on people and it is only through losing someone that is close to you that you truly understand the full complexity of this Law of life. Recently and quite suddenly my grandma passed away so I am quickly learning the reality behind this law. Psychologically it’s ripping me apart because I know she is not coming back and that is a difficult fact for me to accept. Now all I have is the time I spent with her in the past which is bitter sweet because I am grateful to have them, but I still wish she was still alive. Since I know and have come to accept that she is not coming back I have begun to appreciate the time we spent together more and wish I would have spent even more time with her. I am learning the hard way that there are not any second chances after someone dies and have learned from my mistake that I need to spend more time with the people of importance to me because there are no redo’s after they die.
The time you spend with someone creates memories which live with you for the rest of your life and that is what this law of life is really about at its core. You crea...

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...ersations. It really is fairly simple, most people make it more complicated than it really is. Summed up in one word it is bonding. Just bond with people that’s all it takes.
This Law of life of making the most of your time with someone while you have them is important because after someone leaves all you have are memories and knowledge that linger in their place, and after you leave you want a legacy to live on in others both of which are secured by bonding with other people. This essay may be hard for some people to understand because it is hard to truly appreciate things and people until they are gone, but the basic concept is fairly simple enough for everyone to understand just be around the people who are important to you because you don’t know when they will be gone. This essay is mostly founded upon my personal experience with learning this law the hard way.

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