Essay on Why We Should Decriminalize Drug Use By Douglas Husak

Essay on Why We Should Decriminalize Drug Use By Douglas Husak

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We live in a “recreational drug culture”, with the current criminalization of illicit drugs being driven by the common but not entirely universally accepted assumption that negative externalities will instead be placed in on society. Addressing the seemingly ever-infinite "war on drugs", in "Why We Should Decriminalize Drug Use", Douglas Husak argues in favour of the decriminalization of drugs in terms of not criminalizing the use of such recreational drugs. In this paper, I will dispute that Kusak 's argument succeeds because of the lack of justification for prohibition, and the counterproductiveness and how numerically evident the ineffectiveness of these contemporary punitive policies are.
I will support Kusak 's stand by addressing two of drug prohibition’s more pressing harms and towards health and crime- amongst various other harms, which I will not address- that seemingly outweigh its benefits. Secondly, I will agree and for with Kusak 's best argument that "a very demanding standard of justification" which must clarify the application of such punishment, of which sense, criminalization has not been possibly appropriately defended (Husak, 2014, 316). In doing so, I will refute and the most powerful for counterargument that declares negative externalities arising from the indefinite relationship between drug decriminalization, consumption and price. And I will also be incorporating how the philosophical perspective of John Stuart Mill in the for "Freedom of Action" accords with Kusak.
Let us first dive into a few of the sobering statistics. Approximately given 80 to 90 million Americans have tried an illicit drug at least which once in their lives; marijuana alone is tried for the first time by about 6,400 Americans ev...

... middle of paper ...

...cent to 5 percent in 1992 and rebounded again to 6 percent by 2001. Likewise, within the 1980s, alcohol and tobacco consumption decreased and again in the 1990s, increased. It can therefore be said that usage declined independent of whether the drug was legalized or not. This also brings up the inconsistency of drug laws and its overall negative affect.
In this paper, I have attempted to show that the decriminalization of the use of recreational drugs proves a better solution to our persistent war on drugs. The ignored harms of criminalization towards health, crime and various other tribulations- extended to even more social concerns- already prove the counterproductivity of our current drug policies. As Kusak stands, it remains a question as to where we can find a valid justification for such partial yet extremely accustomed views and hence, punishments.

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