Essay on Why We Must Be Informed Of The Constitution And Government

Essay on Why We Must Be Informed Of The Constitution And Government

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There’s no sense in living in a community in which the public knows little to nothing about its own government. The author makes this point very clear during several occasions within the essay, stating that in order for a country to succeed ultimately for the benefit of the public, the public needs to be informed of the constitution and government in general. The people have the right and access to be informed, and whether they do or not is put on them and how their willing to learn about their own country and government. Although people can live their lives walking about blindly allowing to let others deal with all the “tricky stuff” in life, like opinions that may not agree with the general consensus, it’s not a very intelligent idea on the individual 's part to let themselves turn into these brainless, easily manipulated, zombies forming opinions on what ever their family or peers or saying around them.
“We cannot have a successful civilized constitutional democratic republic unless citizens understand objective facts rather than ill-founded beliefs” (page 1) , people can not live in a society in which they are uneducated in and not participating in. In order for positive changes to occur in the country, the public needs to become more and more active in their own society. This can mean informing other people what’s going on around them (such as the press) or voting for who they think is fit for such and such office power in the end. It’s irrational and dangerous to believe the public can leave everything up to the government, when the government is here for us to, yes, listen to, but also change as time goes on to insure that it remains just and fit for our country at the time being. “Mistaken beliefs, falsehoods and lies w...

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...e Constitution to thwart public uninformed impulsive behavior.” (page 4), if the public is uneducated its very easy for the people within to get manipulated and then believe in falsehoods, leading the country into failure when they go to change it, now believing in things that they were talked to, and didn’t reach the conclusion of themselves.
Living in a community where the public in misinformed when it comes to its own government and rules in which it lives by ultimately leads to the destruction of that community. In order for the society to benefit, the people need to be aware of their own opinions and which opinions of those they want to embrace and use to change the country and government. For this reason, the people within American need to be educated on the government in order to change it not only for this generation, but also the next generations to come.

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