Essay on Why Was Rene Was A Special When I Met Him?

Essay on Why Was Rene Was A Special When I Met Him?

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I knew Rene was a special when I met him. It has always been his nature to be thoughtful and caring. Even when he is not provided the same consideration. He has always concerned with the wellbeing of my daughters, Audrey­17, and Courtney­14. This became evident as we began planning our wedding and even more on our wedding day.
When my husband Rene, asked me to marry him, there was no question in my mind what the answer should be. Before he popped the question, he quietly pulled my daughters aside and asked their permission. With tears in their eyes, they said yes. These, however; were not tears of joy, but tears of great sorrow. My daughters have always hoped their parents would one day reunite, making their family whole again, regardless of how many times I stated, “That’s─ not─ going to happen.”
We announced our engagement to our friends and family, and began planning our wedding. We made sure the girls were a part of the planning process. When it came time to find their formal dresses for the wedding, we weren’t very successful. We visited store after store in San Antonio and still nothing seemed right. Rene insisted on driving us to Austin and Corpus Christi to take a look at what they had to offer. After months of searching, they eventually, found the perfect dresses.
As the months went by, the girls eventually became more and more excited about the wedding. On the day of our wedding, the girls and I woke up early and started preparing for the day. The phone rang, it was Rene. I said, “I’m not supposed to talk to you until the ceremony.”
He said, “It’s okay to talk to me, I just can’t see you. I wanted to let you know I’m having a Limo sent over to your house for you and the girls.”
“I didn’t wan...

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...ning to stay for the night?” She said she was going to drive to her parent’s home in a neighboring town. Rene told her we had a change of plans and decided to stay at his house for the night, if she’s okay with it, she could have our Honeymoon suite, since the room was paid for, and she could drive back to her parents in the morning. She agreed and said, “Thank you”. We exchanged hugs and out the door they went.
As the door closed behind them, my thoughts turned to my husband. Because of his thoughtful and caring nature, he was able to lift the stress from my life and turn around the sadness in my girls by offering a kind and thoughtful gesture. He has taught me-in life-a little caring and kindness goes a long way, and responding positively to challenging circumstances has the power to make us a better person. It was this day I decided to live by his example.

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