Why Videogames Are Not A Waste Of Time Essay

Why Videogames Are Not A Waste Of Time Essay

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In Support of Video Games
Why Videogames Are Not a Waste of Time
Video games are no longer the uprising form of media that ill informed parents and scientists used to fear; video games are now an established form of entertainment that is just as universally accepted as film or literature. The difference between videogames and mediums like film and literature is that they do not have the higher value that books have in exercising the mind and communicating information, nor do they have the value that films have to intellectually challenge an audience and to make people think. This is the general argument that can be heard voiced by leading intellectuals in various field as well as parents who are rising young children; both claim that videogames have no value other than being a mindless form of entertainment. At best, videogames may help promote eye-hand coordination in children; at worst, they promote aggression and violent responses to conflict. These hasty generalizations about video games are harmful and are often founded with correlations to events or tragedies without well organized evidence to support the claims of causation. Outside of the youth of this generation there are few groups of people who support videogames as a good form of medium. Despite the claims that videogames are harmful to the health of youth, or that videogames hold no merit in them, it is important to remember that, in the words of Marshall McLuhan, “The student of media soon comes to expect the new media of any period whatever to be clased as pseudo by those who acquired the patterns of earlier media, whatever they may happen to be.” Despite opinions to the contrary, videogames are not a waste of time and are not bad for youth.
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...ay’s video games are much more than entertainment. They are also weapons in the fight against declining mental capacities in old age. They promote job-related skills. And they are a model of how to teach children complex and difficult tasks and abilities. As with any technology, video games are neither intrinsically good nor intrinsically bad.” (pg. 67) Video games are not the waste of time that they are accused of being, nor are they damping the development of today’s youth. If anything is to be said about video games is that in them lays a great potential for good; that video games serve as tools for people who want to make a change in society, whether the changes are positive or negative lie in the hands of those that choose to use video games as tools. These are not unrealistic or histrionic claims; video games, after all, are more than just entertainment.

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