Why University Students Fall Victims Of College Pressures Essay

Why University Students Fall Victims Of College Pressures Essay

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College Pressures
One of the deans in Yale University said that one of the reasons why University students fall victims of college pressures is because “They are struggling to find an edge, something subtle that will turn out better on paper" (Liebendorfer, 2011). The dean claimed that the way people appear on paper in the contemporary society has become more important than the way they appear in real life. The predominant college pressures on University students are characterized by the urgency to excel in academics at all costs and at the same time maintain a high social caliber.
College pressures
College pressures vary from type, degree and intensity, and they also range from one continent to another. Whereas the most common cause of these pressures is not clear, experts like the sociologist Adam Liebendorfer, who explored the rituals and life lessons of the college drinking scene and argued that an individual’s psychology, have claimed that biology or personality is responsible for the denoting of an individual’s behavioral traits. Therefore, an individual’s body chemistry can affect his or her chances of developing addictions such as alcoholism (Liebendorfer, 2011).
According to William Zinsser, four kinds of pressures affect most students in Woodbury University. The types include parental pressure, self-inflicted pressure, peer pressure and economic pressure. Zinsser argues that looking very good is not enough, especially for students that are enrolling for law or medicine school. Students know that entrance into these schools will guarantee better law firms and hospitals hence more money and better job security. The pressure is heavier on students that aimed at only graduating and getting employed. The students...

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...ore change is a stimulant and the windows are not codified, and neither is the barrier closed” (Zinsser, 1978).
Ultimately, it will take the initiative of the individual student to break the shackles that he or she is entrapped in. They are young and should therefore not be focused in the dreams of their parents and the fears of their classmates. They must be encouraged to believe in themselves as men and women capable of designing their own future. Students assume that they have begun life in their present professions knowing that it was what they would have liked to pursue. Most of them however achieved successful careers through circular twists of events characterized by many about-turns.

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