Essay on Why Universities Are Increasingly Being Seen As The Smart Choice

Essay on Why Universities Are Increasingly Being Seen As The Smart Choice

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Universities are using Neoliberal approaches to make their school more appealing to high school graduates, enroll more students to their school, as well as to educate the students until graduate. These methods are doing more harm than good to the student’s career and the image of the education system. These neoliberal methods have led many graduates believing that in applying to University’s they will receive a higher education and specialization that will give their careers the edge needed to ‘shine’ above the rest. Some like Carolyn Abraham, an author for MacLean’s magazine, believe that a college or university degree is a smart choice for high school graduates to apply to (2015). This is seen in her article Why colleges are increasingly being seen as the smart choice. Although some people, like Carolyn believe a University degree is a smart choice, I will focus and prove that Millennials will continue to have a hard time finding full time employment in their respective specialization after graduation. This is due to the neoliberal methods used by Universities that are focusing on maximizing their profits as opposed to preparing students for the future. To substantiate my thesis, I will prove how Universities are using students for their economic value, rather than their social value and development in improving and advancing society. I will then prove that due to this neoliberal structure in education graduates are unable to obtain full time employment in their respective specialization. To substantiate my thesis even further, I will then prove that because of the way this style of education system, students are devaluing their University degrees unknowingly. Using this evidence, I will then discuss how the neoliberal approach ...

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... hiring, the company no longer has to train their workers. This may be seen as a good short term gain in savings for the company but in the long run, this strategy actually has the opposite effect. As expressed in Vogel’s Generation Jobless, the company will save approximately 6% in training their own employees so that the structure and proper knowledge of current technology and corporate responsibility is understood by its workers (Vogel, 2015). In training employees properly for the work they intend to do, there are many intrinsic rewards that happen that may not be present if you did not train them. The workers may feel more involved with the company as well as their productivity and care for the business may increase. Another reason training employees is a better choice is it can improve the relationship between employees, managers, and the company (Vogel, 2015).

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