Why Toyota Is Successful For Manufacturing High Quality Products And Services ( Toyota )

Why Toyota Is Successful For Manufacturing High Quality Products And Services ( Toyota )

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In today’s climate there is a high demand for some form of quality from all consumers. From buying a home, to purchasing a car or finding a highly qualified physician, consumers are demanding more for their money. The humorous side of it all is every industry out there is seeking ways to attract the savvy customer. Because consumers such as this businesses are seeking ways to improve their quality to provide want the consumer wants and demands.
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For years, quality has been measured in the Toyota manufacturing world by following the Deming principles. It is for this reason why Toyota has been the top rated performance vendor in the car business. It was Fujio Cho, Toyota’s President who stated “it is through the core principle of their industry that Toyota contributes to society through the practice of manufacturing high-quality products and services (Toyota Way document, 2001).” It is because of his heartfelt concept that has made Toyota number one in its field. However, as this concept has proven to be successful for manufacturing, the question remains can the same principles be applied to the health care arena? Can the Deming system, improve standards of patient care? Can the principle be used to evaluate the entire health care industry? These questions purpose prompting thoughts for a detailed discussion.
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Can the Deming principle be applied to the health care arena? In reviewing today’s health care standards and its demand for quality, the oversight that is required, the frequent inspections and the delivery of quality care; it is fair to say the Deming principle may work well for the health care industry. It is the Deming principles used by Fujio Cho that has been proven to work fo...

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...ment, 2001)?
Third Subheading
The final question is can the Deming principle be used to evaluate the entire health industry? Because performances are always evaluated by the consumer can the principles be used to rate the industry’s performance? As hospitals are always rated, not solely on performance but quality, the Deming process will not only rate, but also inspects, evaluated and analyze ways to improve a company’s service. . As Deming states “when a company shifts their focus from cost to quality they will prevail (Deming, 2007).”
In health care, the industry must seek a common purpose and a common goal, of defining what quality look likes. The health care arena has to demonstrate to consumers just how valuable they are by setting high standards, delivering standardize care and always delivering quality at an affordable price.

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