Why TOTAL Should Grant Me a Scholarship Essay

Why TOTAL Should Grant Me a Scholarship Essay

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TOTAL should grant me a scholarship because I am willing to climb the extra hike. Not because I literally do like hiking, but figuratively, I persevere to achieve my goal thus no extras I wouldn't do. Nowadays, my peers are reluctant to have anything to do with Indonesian government, let alone working as government officials. But the question is, "if it's not us, Indonesian youths, then who will mend Indonesia?" If there is a broken sewer, there has to be someone who should get down, get dirty to repair the sewer. There would be no change if none willing to get their hands dirty. I am willing to do what it takes to help Indonesia to be more sustainable. I believe, it is not to oppose, but to strengthen the government instead.

TOTAL should grant me a scholarship because I want to help build sustainable world. If I would like to build global network of scholars to be able to collectively build a better global sustainable governance. If I were to be selected for TOTAL Scholarship, I intend to build scholars network with the TOTAL Scholarship recipients from other 26 countries. I belie...

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