Essay on Why the World Should Recycle

Essay on Why the World Should Recycle

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A common sight to a visitor on a beach in the U.S. is garbage that has been pitched by another person or washed up on the beach, after it has been carelessly thrown away. All the carelessly disposed of trash eventually accumulates, rather it be in one place, such as a landfill, or in many places just dispersed and spread out, like litter. In 1997, Captain Charles Moore came across a large trash deposit, while sailing in his boat, Alguita, in the pacific. What he encountered that day could only be described as a floating continent of trash, which today has names such as “trash vortex”, “plastic soup”, and Eastern Garbage Patch”(Friedman 7-10). The mass of trash is still present today and is calculated to be twice the size of the U.S., weighing in at around 100 million tons of trash (Friedman 7). This garbage patch is one of the leading growing environmental hazards of the world today. The trash has been linked to cancer, caused by the toxins released in the water from the plastics, the killing of seabirds, and the killing of more than a 100,000 marine mammals each year (Friedman 9). This is one of the negative effects human trash is having on the planet and how people are now turning to recycling to help resolve problems similar to this. Today people in the U.S. alone produce 245 million tons of trash a year, which helps contribute to problems like the “trash vortex” (Lazarus 13). Recycling would help cut this trash flow significantly, while having other positive effects, if only the people would be more aware of the growing trash threat that is affecting us. Therefore the government should help push the people to recycle, to help with the ongoing solid waste problems of the world, because it helps save natural resources and habit...

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...n and garbage collecting processes (Save the Environment). This shows the mass amount of emissions and toxins cut back by recycling alone, which shows recycling produces less of these harmful materials.
With all the negative effects of not recycling considered, it is obvious that our government should push more for people to recycle, not only to help our environment but to help the efficiency of our overall production as work forces in the world. The landfills and production of new materials is only destroying our world further as we continue to strip and contaminate the earth. One day the nonrenewable sources that we take for granted may be gone and it all could be slowed or even prevented by recycling. The implementing of recycling in today’s society could help these natural resources, save money and energy and protect precious air that we breathe.

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