Why The Wilderness For Chris Mccandless? Essay example

Why The Wilderness For Chris Mccandless? Essay example

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Why the Wilderness for Chris Mccandless?
Into the Wild is a very interesting book and movie to watch when i first read the article it kind of startled me i thought why would someone want to to go live in the wild for the rest of their lives, why would someone want to even experience that type of lifestyle. Then i thought about it everyone is different, everyone has there own opinion and decisions, I guess that was what Chris McCandless wanted to do and experience and he did he didn 't let anything stop him, he didn 't let anyone change his mind of any sort. But what made it more interesting is someone who basically had anything or majority of what they wanted just threw it away but i guess in my eyes he had everything he could ask for but in his eyes he didn 't he had a lot of family things going on in his household. He wanted to go and see the world and experience things for himself, So that 's where it all started at when he left the house to see things out for himself. But then again that 's just my opinion.
Chris McCandless was a determined young man. From an early age, he wanted to do things his way or no way at all. Chris had an amazing spirit, the ambition to succeed, and the drive to make things happen. Chris desires to live by his own moral code, his law and not the law of anyone else’s that would put shackles on his psyche. Chris was a polite and well educated fellow, good athlete, and high achiever in his studies both in grade school up through college. However, after college he had a different plan for himself than his folks did, which again was yet another obstacle for Chris and his parents, Chris was becoming discontent with his mother and father; Walt and Billie McCandless. Who knew that things would end up so trag...

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... do it, live in the wild i would have gotten hungry, sad, lonely, in plus i don 't like being stranded in the middle of nowhere without having no contact with anyone especially my family for a long period of time that just totally just scares me.
So with Chris doing that i give him props for doing that for going through something like that, something that dangerous. But all in all Chris McCandless was a brave man he experienced something that i don 't think he should have, especially since he was a bright man and a smart person with so much potential and so much more life he could have lived, so much more he could have done with his life. College, a family, a job, a house , a car so much more things he could have had. But then again it’s not my decision he made the decision because he wanted to he wanted to experience things for himself and he did what he had to do.

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