Why The Vietnamese Have A Superstition That Changed The Middle Of A Picture

Why The Vietnamese Have A Superstition That Changed The Middle Of A Picture

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During my Thanksgiving break, I went to Minh’s house to hangout out with him and his sister at their home in Aurora, Illinois. The three of us were eating lunch at their eating table, and Minh’s sister finished first. After finishing her food, she went to go play with their baby nephew who was visiting in in living room, while Minh and I were at the table alone. I conducted the interview after his sister left and we continued to eat our noodle soup throughout the duration of the interview.
The Vietnamese have a superstition that something bad will occur after taking a photo with three people in it, specifically to the person in the middle. This is a superstition that is among many Vietnamese people, as Minh stated that he hears it from many people in public when taking pictures in Vietnam or among his relatives or family friends when they are taking pictures as well. Concerning the bad event that will happen to the person in the middle of a picture with three people, Minh claimed that he has heard a variance among what will happen which includes being haunted by a spirit, an early death, or having bad luck in general.
Minh also said that the superstition seemed to come true for one of his aunts. In Vietnam, his aunt took a picture with two other people in a field that was in front of a temple when no one else was around besides them and the person taking the photo. When the photo came out, Minh’s aunt and her friends saw that there was a total of seven legs: the extra leg was from someone who was standing behind the person in the middle even though no one else was around.

Although this superstition came true in regards to his aunt’s experience, Minh does not believe in the superstition, does not feel that h...

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... (last name) would able to continue to be passed on for another generation because typically when the son marries, he keeps his last name unlike when the daughter marries, she changes her last name to her husband’s. This worldview of the importance of having a son in the family relates to the gold bracelet because the gold bracelet is passed down to the wife of the eldest or only son in my father’s family. Since my father is the eldest son in his family, my mother received the invaluable gold bracelet which signifies the hopes of my father’s family for him and my mother to be able to have at least a son together in order to continue to the ability to pass down the family last name (which is Pham). Overall, the gold bracelet represents my mother’s initiation and acceptance by my father’s family as well as the responsibility help my father to pass down his family name.

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