Why The United States Should Be The Popular Place For People Immigration

Why The United States Should Be The Popular Place For People Immigration

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Nowadays, more and more people would like to immigrate to the United States. This tendency lasted for a period of time. The reason why the United States will be the popular place for people immigration are , first, the Economic opportunities , United States have the good immigrated policy comparing with other Asian countries.
In U.S. Economy Nears Goals Of Maximum Employment And Price Stability ,Yellen,Janet L. Say: “With the U.S. economy now nearing the Federal Reserve’s statutory goals of maximum employment and price stability, this conference pro- vides a timely opportunity to consider how the lessons we learned are likely to in uence the conduct of monetary policy in the future.” (Yellen 307). According to what does Yellen say in the article, as the economy increasing, the salary will be more stable. This will be a big factor that attracts the immigration people would like to immigrate to the United States. Second, education opportunities, every one know that the United States have the “Top 10” universities all over the world, such as, Harvard University, which is the best University around the world, UCB(University of California Berkeley) and so on. Third, it is the rule of the law and thinking freely of the education. The students in the Unites Stated can think freely, not like the students in China, the school in order to make higher graduation rate, the teacher limit what the students can think, the students just like the robot and being controlled by the teacher. Base of the Chinese traditional culture of their parents ', they think that the only way can find a good job is to have a good grade in school and be admitted by a good university. That is the main difference between Chinese educational culture and American educ...

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...rder to get a high accomplishment. So, after reading this research, I think the immigration Children should keep their original culture from their parents, they should get used to accept the pressure from their parents and overcome it.
All in all, for most of the immigration children should keep their original culture instead of adapt the American culture. The mean reason is their parents. Their parents are from China. Their parents cannot get rid of the Chinese culture, they live in china for many years, they use to use the Chinese culture. The Chinese culture is already making a deep impression on their mind. At last, the immigration children should keep the Chinese culture instead of adapt the American culture, because even though Chinese parents will give a lot of pressure to their children, but it still brings some benefits which American culture cannot give.

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