Essay on Why The Need For Development Of Ebpp

Essay on Why The Need For Development Of Ebpp

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Why the Need for Development of EBPP
Objective data such as patient notes or surveys and subjective data like patient views and experiences provide the evidence used in evidence based decision making (Sullivan & Schoelles, 2013). Increased tax cuts and the growing older adult population will require better evidence based health care (Sullivan & Schoelles, 2013). The purpose of evidence based practice in the nursing career is to guarantee that our practice is effective and efficient. Without research and goals, this could never be done. The focus of evidence based practice is to improve health care outcomes (Sullivan & Schoelles, 2013). The nurse’s primary role within patient-centered care is to decrease mortality and morbidity rates, increase safety, and improve the patient’s experiences and outcomes (Sullivan & Schoelles, 2013).
Due to pressure ulcers, patient’s safety and quality are at risk. Pressure ulcers affect about three million adult patients (Lyder & Ayello, 2008). The incidence of pressure ulcers in hospitals is 0.4 percent to 38 percent, 2.2 percent to 23.9 percent for skilled nursing facilities, and 0 percent to 17 percent for home health agencies (Lyder & Ayello, 2008). Hospitals have the highest prevalence of pressure ulcers for hospitalized patients (Lyder & Ayello, 2008). A pressure ulcer can occur within the first two weeks of hospitalization (Lyder & Ayello, 2008). The mortality rate for pressure ulcers of older adults one year after discharge from the hospital is 60 percent (Lyder & Ayello, 2008). This percentage is entirely too high and changes in preventive care should be strictly enforced. Pressure ulcers cost hospitals a lot of money, the cost of treating pressure ulcers in two and half times more the cos...

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... Therapeutic Systems (FRONTS) program (Yang, 2015). The cost of implementing the smart bandage could raise costs up to eleven billion dollars annually in the United States of America (Yang, 2015). This can be very costly when implementing the smart bandage daily in health care facilities.
When identifying the effectiveness of the Braden scale, studies have shown that there is an increased awareness of the identification of risks that causes pressure ulcers (Swart, 2011). The Braden scale is available for all health care providers to use. The goal outcome for the Braden scale is to provide knowledge to health care staff on identifying risks that will cause a patient to obtain a pressure ulcer. Using the Braden scale can also provide the outcome of preventing the worsening of a present pressure ulcer. There are no financial obligations when utilizing the Braden scale.

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