Essay on Why The Most Important Thing For A College Student?

Essay on Why The Most Important Thing For A College Student?

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Aint nobody got time for that
College students these days have a lot going. Between classes, athletic teams, clubs, and social events they can never find enough hours in the day to be able to complete all tasks for the day. This causes extra-long nights, stress, and in some cases may overwhelm a student so much that they feel they need to drop out. That is why the most important thing for a college student to do is to learn and practice time management skills. In order to accomplish the maximum amount of work without overloading themselves college students should practice time management skills by planning out all their daily activities, prioritize their work, and plan time for fun and relaxation.
One time management strategy that is beneficial is planning out your day at the beginning Because organizing and listing out all the things you need to do during the day first thing in the morning will give you a better idea on how to plan out what you need to accomplish that day. As Vlad Barsan said, the more organized you are, “the more efficient you will be in using the 24 hours of each day.”, and “This can help you see ahead especially when it comes to long-term projects” (Barsan). In these quotes Barsan is trying to point out a couple different things. First thing is how efficient someone’s day can be if it is planned out beforehand. The reason this is true is because when someone has a list of what they need to accomplish, it helps keep them going strong when they cross things off their list. It also gives someone a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak when they are getting close. This will help keep someone motivated so if they complete a must do list earlier in the day, they will be able to relax more or take it a littl...

... middle of paper ... relieve some stress when they are taking some breaks. Overall taking small breaks will help keep a student focused and ultimately help them manage their time better because they can get their work done faster and not burn out.
In Bernard Roth’s “The Achievement Habit” after talking about some famous people that changed the world he states, “the difference comes back to intention and attention. It’s not that they had extra time; its they made time” (Roth). Very successful people made time for things they found important which means that if a college student practiced good time management skills they might not only better their own life, but they could potentially better the world. Strategies such as planning out all their daily activities, prioritize their work, and plan time for fun and relaxation is a great start for college student trying to better their life.

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