Why The Lucifer Effect Book As Us Is What Makes Good People Do Bad Things?

Why The Lucifer Effect Book As Us Is What Makes Good People Do Bad Things?

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The question that the Lucifer Effect book as us is what makes good people do bad things? Zimbardo explains how and why we are all susceptible to the lure of “the dark side.” Getting history from his researches Zimbardo conducted the Stanford Prison Experiment and detail how situational forces and group dynamics can work in concert to make monsters out of decent men and women. The book highlights and summarizes the way individuals can resist the temptation to give into evil from the prisoner abuse and torture in Abu Ghraib to organized genocide.
Before reading this book I wasn’t interested in it and seeing the name of the book. When I saw Lucifer written in bold letter I was like oh no am I going to read about gothic, evilness, the devil. What really caught my attention was the statement under the Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil this question myself how can a good person turned into evil I quickly did a flashback of what my mother always told me if you are good you will continue to be good but if you are bad then you will continue to be bad.
In my eyes I continuously thought those you are good will go to heaven and be rewarded and those who are bad will go to hell and face the consequences. So how in earth good people can become evil can be that people choose to do evil? Is it to draw attention or could they have been persuade or forced into it without even knowing what they are getting themselves into? Understanding human nature and all of the cruelty that goes around us including the effect and the situation of other people can result in us changing our behavior especially the surroundings that we put ourselves into.
There were good things that caught my attention is how Zimbardo explains the fact...

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... laughed about it. The military system was unsupervised throughout this whole scandal that took place in the Middle East. Zimbardo investigated into the reasoning behind the U.S Army’s improper treatment of prisoners, claiming that they weren’t acting themselves but acting on circumstances they were placed in. The thing about this whole situation is people can’t resist taking advantages of authority if it is given to them it like alcoholic can’t resist drinking alcohol especially if it is right in front of them. I always love the military and how they protect this country but reading about and put myself in this story and just observed each of the U.S military I couldn’t take and it will did show the true side of acknowledging that good people do turn to evil also that people can act morally bad in a harsh circumstances especially for the Stanford Prison Experiment.

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