Why The Lord 's Supper Was So Important? Essay

Why The Lord 's Supper Was So Important? Essay

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Growing up in a Christian home, I had the privilege of going to a doctrinally sound church almost every Sunday, but, at first, I took this blessing for granted. I was baptized at seven, but I didn’t understand the entire gravity of that decision. I remember the Sundays we would celebrate the Lord’s Supper, always longing to be a part of it, yet I didn’t really understand why the Lord’s Supper was so important, that it was not something to merely participate in. My brother and parents were doing it, shouldn’t I?
I had always looked up to people in my family, and a few friends, who seemed to have a different a way of looking at life and how it worked. I knew these people were strong Christians, but it never occurred to me that I could have a relationship with God like theirs. In fifth grade I started to want to go to church of my own accord because that was when the teaching stopped being solely of the classic Bible stories and began to apply those stories to our lives with God, here and now. However, it was a few years later when I was old enough to start attending the youth group that my view on who God is was radically changed.
On one of my first little weekend trip with the youth, our speaker talked about God’s love. It was simple, yet so very complex. God could love anyone no matter what they did. And He was always with us, even when we couldn’t feel Him. Perhaps the thing that stuck out to me most was God will never leave us. I was always a nervous kid, so to hear that He could take all our fear and anxieties away, replacing them with joy, set my heart at ease.
Beatty 2
To hear of Jesus who was gruesomely murdered so I could have that relationship brought to my knees. I had heard these things before. I h...

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... to pour into to those around me and make new connections. I can rest in the knowledge that God will help me through anything. He 's right there by my side as I face the challenges in life.
I enjoy a challenge whether it’s weeklong trip mothering and mentoring middle scholars or duel enrolling at my local college. The hard work I put into whatever it may be makes me appreciate it so much more. I believe Southeastern’s academics and Godly environment will provide a new challenge to help equip me for my future. Those hard or difficult times are where I have seen God growing me or working through me. In those moments, where it seems like nothing good could ever come of it, God steps in with His perfect plan and takes away my every expectation. If is in God’s perfect plan for me to come to Southeastern I would love the opportunity and love to continue learning about Him

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