Essay about Why The Government Was Unsuccessful?

Essay about Why The Government Was Unsuccessful?

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In 2005, a massive storm known as Hurricane Katrina came rolling through the Gulf of Mexico before it hit Louisiana. This category 3 hurricane that was once a category 5 made a sufficient amount of damage to the coastal areas. Many natural disaster victims count on those who have vowed to protect them. During Hurricane Katrina, no one stood up to lead the state to safety. After the storm hit, the United States military, the government, and FEMA were too unprepared to function. Fingers were pointed trying to blame others instead of taking responsibility of the situation. There could be multiple reasons why there was no guidance such as local and state officials failing to plan, the U.S. military waiting too long to act, or FEMA being poorly lead. Or was Federalism the reason why the government was unsuccessful? In an effort to understand what went wrong, investigators from Frontline attempt to get some answers.
First of all, there was not just one main political actor involved with Katrina. A couple years before Katrina was Joe Allbaugh, the director of FEMA. Joe Allbaugh was one of...

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