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Why The Government Should Get Out Of Education Essay examples

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Education has been broken for a long time, but what has happened to education recently? We no longer teach the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic that everyone used to know. Now we teach children how to do math the “Common Core” way and parents are unable to help their children with their homework. We are stripping teachers of their ability to choose the best way to teach their classes and making it more difficult than ever to teach students to be educated citizens. Why have we, the people, allowed this to happen? Why are we not fighting back? We must limit the role of the government in educational policy.

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Government has been involved in education since before America was even a country, but within the last 60 years, the federal government has become increasingly vocal in their involvement in elementary and secondary education. Sam Blumenfeld, a journalist for The New American, states in his article “Why the Federal Government Should Get Out of Education” that the government passed eleven minor pieces of legislation regarding education between 1867 and 1940. The 13 years after 1965, there were 43 pieces of legislation passed; that is nearly four times as many regulations in a sixth of the time. The government is becoming a boundless power as they continue to infringe on education. From standardized testing to Common Core, the government has sucked the fun out of learning in school.

What we need is less government involvement and more teaching in education. The government does some good things for education. Eighty-five percent of funding comes from some form of government (local, state, and federal) and without the government, school curriculum could potentially drastica...

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...n. Yes, education is key to our future, but that does not mean it should be another pawn in the hands of the government. We need teachers in charge of education regulations and requirements. We need passionate, qualified teachers in classrooms making a difference in students’ lives. We need teachers who have continuous training and workshops so that they remain qualified to teach the children of tomorrow.

If we want to see change, we must first make change. We must stand up against our government on matters relating to education and vote. Your voice matters. Our voices matter. Vote. Vote to limit government involvement in education. Vote to put current teachers in charge of creating education policies. Vote to continue to train teachers. Or vote against those things. Whatever you do, make your voice heard. Silence does not win. Silence has no power in voting.


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