Why The Employees Leave And Then Move On Finding Solutions Essay

Why The Employees Leave And Then Move On Finding Solutions Essay

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The world has seen an increase in truly global firms and with that has come an explosion in the expatriate population around the world. In any given nation, stable or unstable, one will find foreign workers representing global organizations. What has not been paid attention to is what happens after these employees go back home. Retaining this particular class of employees is proving to be a significant problem for firms, and there need to be solutions. The key reason is that it takes a lot to train these employees and them leaving is a direct loss of knowledge and skill for any company. It is important first to find out why the employees leave and then move on to finding solutions. According to De Cieri, Sheehan, Costa, Fenwick, and Cooper (2009) it is extremely beneficial for organizations to develop attractive initiatives that will create the right balance for retaining repatriates.
Reasons for leaving
According to Olds and Home-Walsh (2014), one of the key reasons that repatriates leave is the fact that their expectations are not met on their return. The expectations can be in the form of career progression or financial. Whether by design or by accident, most employees who go for overseas assignments see them as a step forward.
They do believe that when they come back, they will be in an advanced position. They do believe that the skills they have entitle them to a position of higher prestige. When those expectations are not met, there is a feeling of disenchantment, and that will lead to attrition. In the same manner, there are those who will seek to retain or add to the benefits that they enjoyed while posted overseas. It is usually not possible to do so, and the result is an employee seeking opportunities elsewhere.

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...o have. From the recruitment to the deployment and eventual repatriation, every process should involve as much planning as possible. Smart managers will know their employees and be able to predict how they will react. They will also know how to balance soft and hard tactics to get them to stay.
Firms that send out expatriates are coming up against a new problem once the workers’ tours of duty end; relatively high attrition rates. The employees leave for a raft of reasons. These range from unmet expectations all the way to the inability to readjust to the home nation. The secret to solving the issue is thinking strategically. Every action the firm carries out should be based on proper research and designed to work for the long term. The human resource departments and the talent management teams should have the whole process planned out; they should not be reactive.

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