Essay on Why The Divorce Is Not The Story Here

Essay on Why The Divorce Is Not The Story Here

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The night my husband proposed to me was full of family, good food and wine, but it was also one full of anxiety. His family was uncomfortable with me, and I with them. I don 't believe anyone truly wanted us to get married, and his mother was wrought with nerves. His brother and pregnant wife felt confused, and torn . Yet, we sat down, we smiled, we drank, we ate, and ignored the silent accusations permeating through the air.
To truly understand, I would have to take you back, about a year, to the divorce of my first husband. We had gotten married at a young age and we were just short of one decade, and three children in. The reasons for the divorce are not the story here, just that after many unhappy years I decided to break free. So, here I was mother to three young children, alone but happy for the first time since my teenage years. My ex-husband and I had been invited to a wedding,so I went alone. Ironically, this was the wedding of my now brother and sister in-law, the ones mentioned in the beginning of this story. Only friends with one family member, Jeannie, I sat down for th...

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