Why The Dancers Were Choreographed By The Great Dancer Edward Vanilla Essay

Why The Dancers Were Choreographed By The Great Dancer Edward Vanilla Essay

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On the first Friday of November I had the privileged to watch the dance show Premium Blend. Throughout the show there was six dances, and one intermission in between them. Three dances I paid attention to, and they were called “Cloud 9,” “Forever Fred,” and “English Suite.” The production was well done throughout the entire show from top to bottom. But the production specially for “Cloud 9,” “Forever Fred,” and “English Suite” was done very professionally. It amazes how well the dancers perform, and I can’t believe there are still only students ate the UofA. That’s not all, the pre-show was well done with a speech the great dancer Edward Vanilla. The production overall was well organized, and they were very prepared. Throughout this paper I am going to discuss whether the dancers were rehearsed, their costumes, the music used, the lighting used, and whether the choreographers did a good job communicating their intentions.

A big part of Premium Blend was how well rehearsed the dancers were in each of the three dances. The first dance “Cloud 9”, and I believe the genre was a mix of modern dance and ballet. The routine was very well rehearsed throughout the whole dance. The dance included nine male dancers who all did a great job. Throughout the routine there was a lot of jumping, hopping, and linking arms with each other. There were some acrobatic lifts that probably took while to rehearse, to make the routine perfect. Also, the dancers looked very happy during the dance, and the emotional vibe to me was very positive for the whole routine. The next dance was very interesting, but very well done. It was called “Forever Fred,” and the genre to me was a formal ballroom dance. There were two dancers, one male and one female. They we...

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...The stage was open to see all the dancers, and background. The production crew did a great job arranging the stage the way it was. I was interested for the whole performance. Throughout Premium Blend these three performances were my favorite and most interesting. The other three performances were great as well, but the ones I wrote about were my favorite in my opinion.
Going to the show Premium Blend, and taking this course has a showed me so much about dance. After this semester, all genres of dance have earned my respect, I used ballet wasn’t that hard or cool so I never paid much attention to it. The amount of physical toll it takes on your body, to the strict technique the dancers needs to have to be successful in the dance world. So, after seeing Premium Blend, I plan to start going to more shows to show support to hardworking performers at this University.

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