Why The Confederacy Lost The Civil War Essay

Why The Confederacy Lost The Civil War Essay

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Why the Confederacy Lost was written to exam why the Confederacy lost the Civil War, to look beyond the commonly stated argument that overwhelming numbers and resources not only promised but were the reason for Northern victory. The desire was to find and look closer at other errors made, different possible reasons that would contribute to the loss of the Confederacy. Looking to go deeper into the influences that are often overlooked, or not given their fair share of credit. Editor Gabor S. Boritt and the five authors combined their essays to explain why the Confederacy lost not the South. They looked deeper and brought more angles of the war for consideration. “Their works are based on the conferences held at Gettysburg College in 1958 and 1991” (13) The views are often more militaristic but not solely maneuvers and tactics. This book is a “supplement to Why the North Won the Civil War published in 1960” (13)
James M. McPherson’s “American Victory, American Defeat” essay goes back and forth with internal and external descriptions. He encompasses a variety of conflicting views and also talks about the overwhelming numbers and resources argument. There is plenty of food for thought in the opposing views he discusses. He quotes a response from Gen. George Pickett early on in his essay which stuck with me. Pickett was responding to a question of who was responsible for the Confederate defeat at Gettysburg and General Pickett replied “I’ve always thought the Yankees had something to do with it.” (19) Valid arguments are represented supporting a full mix of possibilities leading the end results of the Civil War; not to just one reason of loss.
Archer Jones’ “ Military Means, Political Ends: Strategy” essay brought in more...

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...ough their battles were not as glorified in the public eye their efforts began before they took up arms in the war and they were a crucial part of the Union success.
This book was a great way to dissect the Civil War and look at much more than the common answers given for reasons of win or loss. The Authors of each essay were able to shed new light on the regurgitated arguments of old and cause a reader to look at other points, to see and consider MORE than the face value of the war. This book challenged you to acknowledge there were many, many contributing factors to Why the Confederacy Lost. It painted an intricate web of tactics both militaristic and political; pulling into consideration other activities, decisions, and reasons for the result of the Civil War. Had all of the pieces not been placed as they were the outcome could have been very different.

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