Why The City Kids Act Towards Her Essay

Why The City Kids Act Towards Her Essay

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An empty place with only one house accompanied by an isolated storage house. A big field filled with grass but had a garden that had many foods that were needed. The silence of this environment you could hear the whirling wind blowing against the grass. An ancient looking house with generations of family who loved to keep the yard neat therefore they were taught to be very organized.
Christina, an adventurous girl who spent most of her time helping out on the field. She lived in the country, so the next house with kids was very far apart. She was homeschooled but she was tired of being stuck in the same place without many options. Her parents would tell her that the city kids were totally different than a country girl so she would have a hard time fitting in. Christina wanted to know what it would be like to be in a different environment but to the extent of how would the city kids act towards her. She started thinking of ways to escape to the city and come back as if she never left. Her powerful thoughts were destroyed when her mother called her name. Out of all her siblings she was the more responsible one so she had more chores than the others.
Her mom commanded to go get some food in the garden and hang the wet clothes up on the clothing line. Angry as a bull she agreed to do the chores and when she got finished she was gone come back for her thought process. When she walked out the door the fresh air hit her right in the face that put the biggest smile on her face. It was a sunny day and the sun beamed right on her, it was summer so to be outside gave her an exciting feeling. She started hanging the clothes away, however they had a natural scent that smelled so good felt you were in paradise. The clothes had just recently be...

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... Her mom laughed, “is that what it was?” Her mother began to tell her if you wanted to go to the city we could have went. They both sat there and laughed until tears came out. Then Christina’s mother explained that city kids do things totally different and for that reason they would judge her or treat her like a black sheep. Kids in the city didn’t have to pick their fruits and vegetables they can just go to the market and get whatever they need. City kids also have different chores than children who were in the country because they never had to use their hands they always had a machine to do it for them.

This taught Christina a valuable lesson that your parents have the best interest at heart. But as a kid we want to see it or ourselves instead of taking the adult word for it. Sometimes things happen to stop you from doing something you had no business doing.

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